About Us


John and Hannah

An idea that started as a means of paying our way through University has led us two young farmers setting up our own British Food business.

In between studies and working on our family farms, we have found enough time to develop a weekend job into a full time business

Hannah has studied Veterinary medicine, whilst John is completing his studies in Agri-business.

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Farming Families

As young farmers we know what it takes to produce quality food - Hardwork, knowledge and a passion for real ingredients

When your family has worked the land for generations, you understand what real food is - nothing can beat it. We want to share our passion with other local food producers and with our customers.

And as with all farming families,….everyone wants to help out.

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Our business has started small and will slowly expand into working with other local food producers. At the British Food Box we want to support the food artisans that still make their produce by hand, in small batches and can offer a unique taste - real British food.